SCHOOLING IN BRITISH COLUMBIA, 1849-2005: Voices From the Past

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Schooling in British Columbia, 1849-2005, reveals the fascinating development of the province's social and educational history from the first school in 1849 to the modern era. Drawing on a rich archive of sources—including letters, diaries, first-hand accounts, newspaper articles, interviews, and official documents—this collection of writings chronicles what British Columbians have said about schools over the past 150 years and the importance of education in their lives.

Schooling in British Columbia presents a treasure trove of stories about individuals, schools, and the communities around them—stories about young teachers leaving the leafy boulevards of Vancouver and Victoria to scour the province's heartland in search of employment, stories rife with the drama of nature—deep snows, freezing rains, raging rivers, treacherous roadways, high and sometimes impassable plateaus, and coastlines famous for their wild and dangerous beauty.

Schooling in British Columbia offers a wide range of intriguing stories about city and rural life, the crushing loneliness of remote settlements, the desperate years of the Great Depression, together with finely drawn and, sometimes, humorous sketches of influential educational figures, kind-hearted ranchers, flinty-eyed school trustees, schoolmistresses in distress, and various other characters who cleared and built a new province from Vancouver Island's gentle valleys to the high plains of the Peace River.

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